Marriage Counseling

The relationship between a man and a woman is a special design that God created for us. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult for us to get past our own human flaws to fully realize what God’s definition of love and marriage is.

Our marriage counseling staff is a skilled team dedicated to providing greater clarity on what God says about sex and love, how our cultural definition of love differs from God’s, and what the purposes of sex, love, and marriage really are. Couples counseling is a way to open your heart and mind to the ideals that God and the Christian faith have given us; it is a way to seek love within marriage the way God intended it. Visit one of our locations in the Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, or Quarryville areas and experience the love in your marriage that may have previously been absent.

Pornography Addiction

Admitting to and seeking guidance for a hidden pornography addiction is exceedingly challenging. Often, recovering pornography addicts are viewed as immoral or impure; if you or a loved one is struggling and needs support for pornography addiction, our licensed therapists in the Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, and Quarryville areas are ready to help you take the first step.

Therapy for pornography addiction begins with an acceptance and desire for a positive lifestyle change.  Pornography addiction may appear outwardly to be a problem that doesn’t harm anyone else; however, this addiction can break relationships and cause emotional trauma to those closest to you. Seek refuge in God’s wisdom, and Day Seven can help guide you toward a healthy lifestyle and break through the walls of addiction.

Sexual Addiction

Sexuality therapy spans a broad range of topics: same-sex attraction, pornography addiction, emotionally dependent relationships, and sexual addiction are among the topics that we cover in our seminars here at Day Seven Ministries.

Therapy for sexuality can be difficult to seek. There are so many feelings of guilt and shame associated with sexual addiction that even coming to terms with the addiction can be almost impossible. Day Seven is a place in the Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, or Quarryville area to confront your feelings head-on and experience the sexuality counseling you need to walk closer with God and enjoy healthy relationships.


Abuse, Emotional trauma and PTSD are very serious topics, and require special care when being treated. Through God’s endless grace, our team of experienced trauma therapists work together to delve into the root of the trauma and begin the journey to complete healing.

We work with victims of physical and sexual abuse, military veterans, assault survivors and so many more clients to introduce the grace of God for healing and guidance as they walk the path to salvation. Our trauma and PTSD therapy has helped countless adults in the Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, and Quarryville areas seek comfort after their troubled past.