A One Day Seminar

Saturday, May 11 from 9:00am – 3:00pm

In Manheim, PA


This seminar is aimed at helping you process and move through steps towards forgiveness. If you have an identified hurt in your life that you would like to overcome, this day is for you. Infidelity, partner pornography use, betrayal, abuse, neglect, criticism from a parent, and conflict within the church are just some examples of issues that could be addressed in this group. If you feel trapped in the bondage of unforgiveness, are you ready to take this brave, intentional step towards true freedom?

Referencing Everett Worthington’s material on forgiveness and reconciliation, we will discuss the differences between decisional and emotional forgiveness, commit to the process of forgiveness, and begin the journey of reducing negative emotions towards the offender. Using group discussion, activities, and personal reflection, we will walk together on this pathway towards healing.

In order to participate you need to have one situation or person whom you would like to forgive and be able to discuss that situation with the group. While you will not need to go into more detail than you are comfortable with, group sharing is an important part of the forgiveness process. This sharing often happens in dyads, groups of two people discussing points from the session. All writing and materials are for you to keep and may be kept private. Discussions are guided by the therapist and conducted in a confidential, safe environment.

Are you ready to take this next step towards freedom through forgiveness?


Cost is $100.00 and space is limited. To register, please call Mackenzie at the Day Seven Office,

(717) 735-0690 or email her at [email protected] to reserve your place before April 26th, 2019