Seminars and Workshops

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Day Seven Ministries offers a variety of counseling services in the form of workshops and seminars that can be customized to your organization’s specific needs. These workshops and seminars cover a myriad of topics relating to everything from sexual brokenness and healing to conflict resolution.

In the past, we have presented seminars and workshops for churches, women’s and men’s Bible studies, youth groups, pregnancy centers, group homes, camps, colleges, and nonprofit organizations. Our dedicated team strives to work through any topic you would like us to address; if there is a topic that we cover in your counseling service that you feel would benefit others, we’re happy to discuss creating a seminar around it.

Click and of the items below to discover our seminar and workshop offerings.

  • Get to Know Day Seven

    “What is Day Seven all About and Why Do We Exist?”

    This is a general talk in which the reality of sexual brokenness is shared along with Day Seven Ministries’ vision to be a voice of hope and a place of restoration for those in sexual and relational conflict throughout each and every community within Central PA.

  • Conflict Resolution

    “Can’t We All Just Get Along?”

    If we are all supposed to be Christians, why is there conflict within the body? What does it mean to truly live together in community, not just skip out when the going gets rough? This workshop will explore what the Bible says about how to handle conflict with our brothers and sisters in Christ and what it teaches us about ourselves.

  • Sexual Issues

    “Ministering Redemptively With Hope to People Who Struggle With Same Sex Attraction”

    In our culture, people struggling with SSA are often presented with two options: learn to embrace the attraction or learn to live with condemnation. But, there is another way. The church is to be the hands and feet of Jesus ministering to people in their brokenness. Through the church, the hope of Christ and His redemptive power may be extended to those who feel hopeless and powerless over their attraction.


    Pornography has become a destructive force in our society today. It affects children, families, relationships, even jobs. How do we deal with it? Why is the law into my personal business? What are the boundaries? These are just a few questions we will address.

    “Honest Talks About Sex”

    This series of interactive workshops is designed to help people talk openly about sex and sexuality and its place in today’s culture. These workshops cover a variety of topics including a biblical overview of sexuality, perspectives on gender and sexuality, cultural messages about sex, and why God created sex. It also addresses issues such as homosexuality, sexual addiction, and masturbation.

    “What Does The Bible Say About That?”

    The Bible has a lot to say about sexuality, homosexuality, gender, and God’s design for us. This workshop explores those truths and discusses them in the context of today’s culture and the messages being’ portrayed through the media.

    “Addiction Recovery”

    Sexual addiction can be an unacceptable topic to accept and discuss. It is no different than other addiction such as alcohol, food or excessive spending to name just a few. Becoming aware of the addiction is the first step, then acceptance and accountability for the addiction. Other topics covered in the seminar are:

    1. How does one become addicted?
    2. How the brain is wired?
    3. How do I cope with the addiction?
    4. Why is it difficult to break the addiction?

    “Co-morbidity Disorders Associated with Sexual Addiction”

    There are disorders that compound the addiction making it difficult for a person to cope and take charge of their life. We will discuss the disorders, awareness and impacts from the disorders, and coping skills.

    “Emotionally Dependent Relationships and Same Sex Attraction in Women”

    Women thrive on relationships, but what happens when those relationships go awry? This workshop addresses the roots and causes of emotionally dependent relationships and same-sex attraction. It also discusses differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships and how to guard friendships from becoming unhealthy.

  • Dating & Marriage

    “God, Sex and Love”

    This unique four-week seminar series explores God’s special design for men and women. This shared journey will provide greater clarity on what God says about sex and love, why God cares about sex, how the cultural definition of love differs from God’s, and what the purposes of sex, love and marriage are.

  • Parenting

    “A Father’s Impact on His Son’s Masculinity”

    When observing a young boy imitating the way his dad walks or talks, it quickly becomes evident that fathers leave a powerful imprint on their sons. This talk examines a child’s perception of his father and how this perception impacts who he desires to be one day. In addition to this, we will examine what it means to be in the image of daddy and why a son wants to be like him more than anything else.

    “Parenting in a Porn-is-the-Norm Culture”

    What is a parent to do when pornographic images are everywhere? The purpose of this seminar is to share the reality of the culture they are parenting their children in as well as to present ideas as to how parents can engage their children in conversations that will help them to navigate this cultural minefield without resorting to a bunker mentality.

  • Relationships & Identity

    “Boundaries in Relationships”

    Learn how, when, and why it is sometimes necessary to set boundaries in relationships. Discover what a boundary is and how it can be used to guard and protect yourself and the relationships that are important in your life.“The Anatomy of a Healthy Relationship”

    “The Anatomy of a Healthy Relationship”

    Learn the key ingredients for a healthy relationship, including:

    • Intentionality and commitment
    • Setting and respecting boundaries
    • Building safety, trust, and intimacy
    • Conflict resolution
    • Freedom to dream“Accountability”


    What is it? Who designs it? Why do you need it? How do you get it?
    A definition and discussion on the basics of accountability relationships, God’s plan for us in
    accountability relationships, and the process of putting accountability as a practical
    discipline into our lives will all be presented in this workshop.“What Am I Worth? Exploring How and Where We Gain Our Value”

    “What Am I Worth? Exploring How and Where We Gain Our Value

    Many times we try to find our value and worth in all of the wrong places instead of looking to our Creator. Learn what it means to be known in Christ and find our significance in Him.

    Are you interested in discussing a seminar or workshop for your church, ministry, or organization? Contact Day Seven Ministries and we can start planning.