Commit to PayPal Donation

Your donation via the button below will help low and no-income clients receive the Christ-centered counseling, education, and support they need.

Did you know that Day Seven gives reduced rates to almost half of its clients?

Last year, we gave out $48,300.00 dollars in financial assistance to 123 clients whose lives were impacted by sexual or relational brokenness and could not afford to pay full-rate for their counseling needs.

I recently received a letter and donation from a former client which read in part,

“Thank you so much for your financial help during our time of distress last year. (My wife) and I were maintaining separate residences after my affair was revealed, and money was extremely tight for most of the time we were at Day Seven. By reducing our rates to a low level, we able to get the help we needed both as a couple and as individuals. Now that (my wife) and I are reconciled we are doing much better financially and we would like to pass on the help to another couple in need.“

The generosity of our donors is crucial to us meeting our goal of helping everyone who comes to us of help, regardless of their financial situation.

We appreciate each and every dollar you have donated to Day Seven over the years and we welcome your support at any time in any way. Whenever we’ve needed money in the past, our prayers have been answered by you all.

Today I’m writing to ask if you would be willing to help us by making a monthly pledge to Day Seven via PayPal, which is located on our website page under “Support”. Paypal allows you to set up regular withdrawals through a credit card or bank account on a monthly date of your choosing. I am looking for two hundred people to each commit to giving twenty dollars a month to help us meet our regular need of around $4,000 per month to maintain our financial assistance needs.

These type of consistent gifts help us to better steward the resources God sends us, and to better serve our clients by enabling us to be more aware of our resources and to anticipate future allocations for funds.

As a thank you for signing up to support us in this way, we will be holding a series of donor breakfasts at the end of the year where you can meet myself and some of the staff, ask questions about why and how we do what we do, and give us input on what you see as pressing needs in your community.