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Day Seven Ministries – Lancaster, PA

Day Seven Ministries – Lancaster, PA

802 Olde Hickory Road
LancasterPA 17601
Phone: (717) 735-0690

Day Seven has served Lancaster County since 1991. Our Lancaster office has was established in 2004. We are open from 9AM-9PM Monday-Friday, and 9AM-3PM on Saturdays.

While we periodically offer our seminars and workshops at this Lancaster location, most of the time it is our pleasure to come to you. A Day Seven therapist will offer any of the following seminars to your church family, small group, Sunday School class or home group meeting. All topics can also be addressed privately in an individual session at our Lancaster office.

Day Seven also has offices in Mechanicsburg and Quarryville, Lancaster County.

Our Team of Christian Counselors at our Lancaster Location:

Andrew Rodriguez, M.S.
Brent Johnson, M.A.
David McAdams MAMFT
Gary Lord, Ph.D
Geoff Owens, MAMFT
Melanie, M.A., MFT
Michael Courtney, M.S., L.P.C.
Renee Maloy M.A.
Todd Henley, M.A.

Christian Counseling Seminars & Workshops at our Lancaster Location:

  • Anxiety
    • Join us in learning how to lay down the heavy burden of anxiety. Make an appointment with a member of our counseling staff at our Olde Hickory Road, Lancaster, branch and start shedding the oppressive anxiety that keeps you from living an enriched life.
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Are you caught in an unresolvable conflict with someone you love? We can help. Day Seven therapists are specially trained to help people break out of damaging cycles of relating and finding a pathway to a new, more healthy way of engaging each other.
  • Dating & Marriage
    • Day Seven provides pre-marital counseling for couples considering marriage, as well as marital counseling for couples who have hit a impasse in their relationship.
  • Depression
    • Are you having more bad days than good? Have you lost interest in things which used to make you happy? Please let yes help. Day Seven therapists have a gentle approach to helping local individuals discover the roots of their depression and move past it.
  • Get to Know Day Seven
    • Our Executive Director will speak with your church, conference or small group and give you an overview of the history and mission of Day Seven, as well as providing you insight into how we help you move forward in life.
  • Relationships & Identity
    • Day Seven’s therapists can help you improve all your relationships, whether with a partner, parents, children, or peers.We can help you find your true self. Do you feel like your life is “off-center”, that you’re not quite reaching your potential, or maybe not doing what you’re supposed to be doing or being who you are supposed to be? Day Seven therapists can help you find your true identity and the strength to become that person.
  • Sexual Issues & Pornography Addiction
    • Sexuality therapy spans a broad range of topics: same-sex attraction, pornography addiction, emotionally dependent relationships, and sexual addiction are among the topics that we cover in our seminars here at Day Seven Ministries.Therapy for sexuality can be difficult to seek. There are so many feelings of guilt and shame associated with sexual addiction that even coming to terms with the addiction can be almost impossible. Day Seven is a place in the Mechanicsburg, Lancaster, or Quarryville area to confront your feelings head-on and experience the sexuality counseling you need to walk closer with God and enjoy healthy relationships.Are you caught in a cycle of pornography use, shame, and regret? Let us help you. Day Seven has multiple therapists throughout the Susquehanna Valley who help men and women break free from the loneliness of pornography addiction.  We will help you discover what true intimacy is all about.
  • Trauma/PTSD
    • Many of us have experienced a life-altering event, or a series of events in our past which we have had to “pause” addressing because it was too much to deal with at the time. This may have resulted in less than ideal coping strategies in your life, and an inability to fully trust and love others. Let us help. Day Seven therapists are all trained in recovery from complex trauma and PTSD.

Points of Interest in Lancaster:

Located in primarily residential southern Mechanicsburg just off route 15, this Day Seven Ministries location offers peace and privacy for your healing journey. This location is convenient to routes 76 and 81, just a short drive north from Roundtop Mountain Resort and west of route 83.