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Day Seven Ministries – Mechanicsburg, PA

Day Seven Ministries – Mechanicsburg, PA

310 Hertzler Road
MechanicsburgPA 17055
Phone: (717) 735-0690

Our Mechanicsburg Christian Counseling Team:

Stephanie Graybill, M.A.
Michael Courtney, L.P.C., M.S.
Rev. Dr. Paul Schenck, B.C.P.C.
Nicolas Wilbur, M.A.
Walt Stine, B.A., M.S.W.
Casey Raudenbush, B.A., M.A.

Christian Counseling Seminars & Workshops at our Mechanicsburg Location:

Points of Interest in Mechanicsburg:

Located in primarily residential southern Mechanicsburg just off route 15, this Day Seven Ministries location offers peace and privacy for your healing journey. This location is convenient to routes 76 and 81, just a short drive north from Roundtop Mountain Resort and west of route 83.