How We Serve Our Clients

woman holding up hand to ignore husband following recent disagreement

Who Does Day Seven Serve?

Day Seven Ministries offers professional, confidential, Christian counseling to men, women, couples, adolescents (over age 14), and families affected by sexual and relational brokenness issues.

What Is the Basis for Our Christian Counseling?

Each counselor at Day Seven Ministries is a committed Christian who is equipped to integrate the Christian faith with psychotherapy techniques. We approach counseling from a solid Biblical perspective, because we believe that ultimate healing and true freedom comes through an active, growing relationship with Jesus Christ, and that this relationship affects change in all areas of life.

What Model Does Our Christ-Centered Counseling Follow?

Although each counselor has a slightly different approach to the counseling process, our idea or theory can be described as:

  • Biblically based and Christ-centered.
  • Cognitive-behavioral.
  • Family systems.
  • Modified 12-step emphasis and integration recovery model approach.

We adhere to clinical counseling guidelines through the American Counseling Association (ACA). We also strictly follow HIPAA guidelines.

What Types Of Issues Does Day Seven Address?

man hugging woman from behind during a cloudy day Our professional Christian counselors will address any issue related to sexuality, including:

  • sexual addiction
  • pornography
  • sexual abuse
  • unwanted same-sex attraction
  • gender confusion
  • emotionally-dependent relationships
  • promiscuous sexual relationships
  • marital unfaithfulness
  • and various other sexual relationships.

We also provide counseling for individuals who have a sexually addicted spouse and family members who have a loved one who struggles with a sexual issue.

Therapeutic Support Groups

Therapeutic Support Groups at Day Seven Ministries offer a place where people can talk about their struggles, find accountability, experience support, and receive helpful information which will aid them in their recovery. We believe that healing is facilitated through honesty within the context of safe relationships.

Day Seven Ministries groups meet weekly on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Our experience is that best results come from a combination of individual counseling and group participation. An intake appointment is necessary prior to group participation in order to determine each potential participant’s needs.
We currently offer two types of groups:

Men’s Recovery for men who struggle with sexual addiction, pornography addiction, unwanted same-sex attraction or other sexual and relational issues.

  • The goal of the Men’s Recovery Groups is to encourage a healthy, Christ-centered response to sexual brokenness. Ideally, we hope to support men to find a deeper identity in Christ within the context of a safe, confidential and respectful environment. We encourage men to take personal responsibility for their actions and to identify what they need in order to live a life of purity.

Men’s Intensive Weekend May 3-5, 2019

  • Have you ever said to yourself, “Why can’t I stop?” You promised yourself you would not give in to temptation a thousand times! Frustration, shame, and secrets make you feel like a failure. You keep asking, “Why do I keep doing this? Why can’t I have victory over this temptation? Why am I the only one who struggles this bad?” Sometimes, our sexual struggles become too hard to handle alone. No matter how insightful, intelligent, or capable, we all have blind-spots in our application of what we believe and affirm to where we live. We at Day Seven know how you feel, and we can help. Coming, the spring of 2019 is our Intensive Workshop. The purpose of the Day Seven Intensive Workshop is to walk with men through the pain of the past in a loving, safe environment to a place of healing and peace.  Our 3-day intensive is equivalent to 5 months of counseling for a 1/3 of the cost.

Womens’ Recovery for women who struggle with sexual brokenness issues.

  • The goal of the Womens’ Recovery Groups is also to encourage a healthy, Christ-centered response to sexual brokenness. We recognize that the journey is often a long and complex process for every individual and that women who are in a relationship must navigate their own emotional journey independent of their partner’s addiction and recovery.

Parents of LGBTQ and Transgender Children Support Group 

  • This 10-week group brings together parents who are struggling with reconciling their Christian faith with loving an LGBTQ child for mutual support.

For more information or to schedule an intake in preparation for participating in a group, call the Day Seven Ministries office at (717) 735-0690 or email us at [email protected]